Horses for sale

Rainbow Lodge Destiny

13'2hh welsh mare, one in a million pony, only to the best and knowledgeable home. Destiny has been in our family for the past 7 years, she is now 15. She has taught our 2 children everything, they are now teenagers competing on horses. Destiny continued teaching in our classes at Gold Coast Equestrian Centre, from very young beginners to competing at States up to 90 cm. She now deserves to be ridden by one child / family who has the time she deserves. We are looking for a forever home for her, where she could continue to give all her heart to children. She is absolutely bombproof, but can be fast at jump offs if you push the buttons. But again, ridden by beginners in classes at GCEC.
Priced to sell to the best home : $12,000.  
No time wasters, Trials can be organised at GCEC, as a private lesson, refundable on horse purchase price.

Conditions of sale

When you enquire about a horse for sale at GCEC, you can be sure you will benefit from our extensive experience in teaching riders of all ages and levels and be very well guided in helping you make the right decision for you, your child, and the horse / pony. We breed and train the ponies and horses we have so we know them very well. We train Connemara ponies that we buy directly from the breeder to ensure the pony is green and has no hidden stories. Connemara ponies are used in 80% of good European riding schools because of their temperament with children. They also have great aptitude for jumping. We love our horses and ponies and we want the best for them. We will only sell our ponies and horses to suitable riders and to the home that will suit them best. Selling ponies and horses is part of our business and we pride ourselves on only the best fit for everyone.

In too many cases, when you buy a horse or pony to a private home, unfortunately the horse or pony doesn't suit or is not what you were told, you have no action against the seller. It is easy to buy a horse but very hard to sell one that has issues that you were not made aware of ! We are a professional riding school and we can help you ! Parents needs to be sure they are buying a safe and suitable pony. Prices for our ponies start at $8,500 incl GST.


Because we want to be sure the pony will suit the rider, we will organise a private lesson with one of our coaches, who will show you everything you need to know about riding him/her. The cost is a normal lesson fee of $80 for 30 minutes and is payable before you come to ride. You will also need to sign a waiver form before the trial. The lesson fee will be deducted from the purchase price. We are very committed to our clients, and our horses and ponies and we guarantee an honest appraisal.